Disha Agricultural Camp – 2014
Preface of Disha Agricultural Camp:
Agriculture, for decades, had been associated with the production of basic food crops. Agriculture and farming were synonymous so long as farming was not commercialized. But as the process of economic development accelerated, many more other occupations allied to farming came to be recognized as a part of agriculture.
At present, Agriculture besides farming includes forestry, fruit cultivation, dairy, poultry, mushroom, bee keeping, arbitrary, etc. Today, marketing, processing, distribution of agricultural products etc. are all accepted as a part of modern agriculture.
The Disha Agricultural camp aims to help teens learn the importance of Agriculture in our Country which plays a basic & vital role in every citizen’s health.
  • To make the teens understand the importance of Agriculture and learn the basics in farming.
  • To understand the need for change to Organic Farming and the ill-effects of Non-Organic farming.
  • To inculcate their skills in starting their own Organic farm in the limited space available around their living space & to earn a living.
Objective of the Camp:
The goal of the Disha Agricultural Camp is to empower the teens to develop an interest towards farming, understand the importance of good health and to make them earn a reasonable income with the limited source available. To make them aware that Agriculture occupies an important place in the development of an economy. It is in fact, a pre-condition for economic upliftment. The motive will be as follows:
  • Translate knowledge, attitude, skills and values into action;
  • Ways for healthy living;
  • Develop a positive attitude towards Farming;
  • Develop full potential;
  • Promote the state of Physical wellbeing as this motivates them and others;
  • Building self-confidenceand Service with social responsibility
  • Imparting the message “ Live Healthy”.
Venue Sevalaya ( Pakkam Village )
Objectives of the camp Agriculture & Organic Farming.
Date/ No of days 30th April – 4th May – 3 full days, 2 half days
No of students No ofvolunteers No of trainers & Staff Total
200 20 5 225

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