At Ma Foi Foundation, there is no donation big or small. Your contribution, no matter how small, is going to make a huge difference in a person’s life.
Now, you can do that with a click of a mouse. Donating online is the most simplest and the easiest way to contribute. We recommend donors to donate online because the cost of processing online donations is far lesser than the cost of processing offline donations. This will help us direct our resources to the communities than logistics.
Disha Scholarship
College education is a spring board to success. For many it is the only way to come out of poverty. Disha Scholarship has helped more than 1000 children get college education. We are proud to say that 400 have finished their education are working.
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Disha School of Leadership:
Leadership is about taking responsibility for one's growth and also help others grow. Disha School of Leadership focuses on imparting Knowledge, skills and attitude to students to become productive, employable and concerned citizens. 100 hrs of class room and residential training is given every year for students from 8th standard till college.
You can create a Leader support one session
Gems of Disha:
Little Gems are hidden in heap of dust, it takes keen eye, patience and skills to shape them. Gems of Disha care for the children who find academic difficult and boring. Our teachers help them to succeed in school by inspiring them to study well. The project has helped more than 200 academically poor students to pass 10 th standard exam and continue their education
Help us Shape a Gem
Sports Academy:
In a country of billion, olympic medal is still a dream. We know the talents are buried in the raw and open streets of poor india. Disha Sports Academy, provides a platform and develop talents in football and boxing in the poorest but highly talents parts of chennai. We have produced national champions and players in boxing and football...
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